Who has the keys?

This guy is Canadian? Wonder of wonders. I am so proud.How difficult would it be to put the keys on a pegboard inside the hangar? Perhaps in a locked box, even?

It was sitting as usual parked on the ramp. The keys are in all the aircrafts because students are using them. -tbnewswatch.com

I know, I know, some of us can barely manage to find our car keys when we need them, but even so…

Question: Where did this “Canadian” learn to fly? Inquiring minds want to know. Update: Apparently he learned at the flight school from which he stole the airplane.

I wonder who will get the bill for this fiasco?

Link here.

An added thought: I wonder when Canada will wise up to its own sad immigration policy and get some smarts?

FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told CNN that Leon, formerly known as Yavuz Berke, was born in Turkey and became a Canadian citizen last year. -cbc.ca

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