Roman Catholic deadbeat advocates abstinence,

Did anyone in the western world notice that he's holding the "unclean" hand?

just like the deadbeat and disgraced King George. Perhaps the two could go on a hand-holding tour of the world, and ask Saudi Clown Prince Abdullah if he would choose to accompany.

And why not? Apparently, anything is possible, especially preventing AIDS with a vow of chastity and a prayer offered up while subserviently kneeling.

Link to article here, where the tired hack known as a news organization calls it as “an issue that divides many Catholics”, rather than the stupidity it really is. MSNBC’s article ends with a reference to a holocaust denier as well. What the hell does that have to do with condoms and AIDS?

I suspect MSNBC is trying to make yet another feeble attempt at being relevant by trying to generate some interest for everybody. By including the holocaust they’ll pump up their Google hits.

(Picture included just because it’s so cute, and includes both a grin and a grimace. No doubt the grimace signals some body or some thing squeezing the shit out of the world economy.)

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