On the road to Canada

Air Force One has just touched down at Uplands.

The last time the American head of state visited Canada, there were 8,000 protesters.

This time, when the President visits, it will be a love-fest, with everyone trying to touch the hem of his coat of many colors.

What a pleasant change, although one wonders how long the fest will last, given the almost insurmountable economic problems facing our southern neighbor. Of course, that nation isn’t alone in its problems, but the politics dictate that Obama alone must solve all of them — or at least, he must be perceived to be solving the problems.

2 thoughts on “On the road to Canada

  1. Considering what it takes to get 8,000 Canadians together in one place to protest anything, BushCo was no doubt a uniter for those unruly Canadians.

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