More on the Vatican’s breaking wheel for women


The Vatican’s broken wheel

The men, it seems, are the ones whose souls end up being pelted with fire and brimstone, while the women’s souls are more likely to be broken on a wheel.

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I must admit that until I did some research, I wasn’t sure what broken on a wheel made reference to. Courtesy of Wikipedia and several other sites, now I do. If you really want to know how out of touch the Roman Catholic Church is on the matter of women, check this out:

How utterly delightful that the Vatican sees fit to condemn women to a special form of punishment.

The victim’s limbs were tied to the spokes and the wheel itself was slowly revolved. Through the openings between the spokes, the torturer usually hit the victim with an iron hammer that could easily break the victim’s bones. -Medieval Times & Castles

I wonder what devilish delights in hell await those priests and their masters who have seen fit to bugger little boys and then cover up the crimes?

Just more reasons for keeping the flock ignorant and uneducated, whether it be Roman Catholicism or Islam, or any other faith.

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