The horror… the horror…*

Michael Phelps is only human, but why some moron in control of a police department would even consider charging him with a crime because of a photo is beyond me. Jesus but some police departments are simply idiotic, being commanded by idiots, and populated by idiots.

Take this, for example: In south Carolina, Leon Lott used swat teams to arrest seven college students and charged them with partying with Phelps.

America is a place where you can destroy millions of lives as a Wall Street executive and still get invited for photo-ops at the White House; a land where the everyman icon – Joe Sixpack – is named for his love of shotgunning two quarts of beer at holiday gatherings; a “shining city on a hill” where presidential candidates’ previous abuse of alcohol and cocaine is portrayed as positive proof of grittiness and character. And yet, somehow, Phelps is the evildoer of the hour because he went to a party and took a hit off someone’s bong., David Sirota

Link to an editorial on fake outrage here.

*With apologies to Joseph Conrad.

2 thoughts on “The horror… the horror…*

  1. You’re not alone. Up here, on the left coast, they’re issuing the homeless jay-walking tickets. No one else. Only the homeless. Go figure.

    You’re right. Recovery will take more than 28 days.

  2. I saw earlier this evening that they decided they wouldn’t charge Phelps based on the photos…

    They made it sound like they were doing him a favor except for the fact that there is no way on God’s Green Earth they can prove it was pot from the photos.

    What can I say, we’re still in recovery mode from the prior administration. But we’re working on it.

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