I’m thinking that the drone will drone into oblivion

U.S. border protection official Michael Kostelnik said that in these “dangerous times,” it’s more important than ever for both countries to know who and what is crossing the border. (emphasis mine)

I think what he means is that it’s important for America to know who or what is crossing the American border. Canada stopped worrying about pot a long time ago. However, in America, pot remains a major reason why their jails and prisons are so over-crowded with youngsters, and their incarceration rate is at such a high — if you’ll pardon the intentional pun — compared to the rest of the known world.

Link here.

Dangerous times indeed.

The drones will not carry weapons, such as missiles or laser-guided bombs…

What? No weapons?

How completely un-American!

More border snoring here.

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