Battle of the Plains of Abraham never happened

Updated here, to reflect a visit from Prince Charles in November of 2009.

In 1759, British forces defeated a combined force of French and Canadian troops in a battle for supremacy on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec. The British won. The French Empire in North America went on a downward spiral into oblivion, much like the current prospects Quebec has for getting out of Canada — i.e., basically gone, forgotten and consequently will never happen.

That’s a fact, Jack. Err, Jacques.

Too bad, so sad. Get over it.

In 2009, the National Battlefields Commission wanted to re-enact the battle, thinking it would be a marvelous tourist draw, as the re-enactment had been in previous years.


No can do. C’est ne pas possible.

until Quebec becomes a sovereign state, any re-enactment of the battle would be disrespectful to francophones. -Patrick Bourgeois, leader of Le Reseau de Resistance du Quebecois

Yeah, right.

Link to article here.

Apparently, the froggies in Quebec don’t like admitting a battlefield defeat, even though it was a mere 250 years ago. So much for froggie history.

Here’s a thought: Get the fuck out of Canada and make up your own history, any way you like it made up.

Go on! Scoot! Go away. Get the hell out of here. Nobody wants you.

No? I didn’t think so. Chickenshits.

Then STFU and like it.

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