Lights and siren behind you?

It’s winter up here, and although we’ve been in the midst of chinook weather for weeks now, it’s still not rideable, and won’t be for the foreseeable future. Thus I am inclined to be riding the web in search of diversions. I came across this article in Car and Driver:

What to do during a traffic stop:

  • Pull to the right at the first safe opportunity, then turn off your engine.
  • Stay in your car with your seat belt fastened. Roll down your window. Turn off the radio. Don’t even think about touching your cell phone.
  • Place your hands on top of the steering wheel and sit quietly. Ask passengers to remain silent.
  • Retrieve license, registration, and proof of insurance only when asked to do so.
  • Answer questions succinctly. Avoid arguing, cursing, or interrupting when the officer speaks to you.

That all sounds about right to me.

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