Weston Property Management

Doug McDonald and Geri McDonald are not nice people, especially if you work for them and their company, Weston Property Management, and get sick. Just ask Elsa Torrejon, who needs surgery for breast cancer. She was asked to lay out her plans for surgery in writing, and then, letter in hand, the nice McDonalds told Ms Torrejon that she had resigned.

Buh-bye. So nice to know ya. Go on. Git!

Apparently not.

A lawyer from the Human Rights Legal Support Centre drafted a letter on her behalf reminding the McDonalds that under the code, employers must accommodate their employees with disabilities and Torrejon’s medical condition falls within the definition of disability.

Hello lawsuit.

Link to article here.

On the road to Canada

Air Force One has just touched down at Uplands.

The last time the American head of state visited Canada, there were 8,000 protesters.

This time, when the President visits, it will be a love-fest, with everyone trying to touch the hem of his coat of many colors.

What a pleasant change, although one wonders how long the fest will last, given the almost insurmountable economic problems facing our southern neighbor. Of course, that nation isn’t alone in its problems, but the politics dictate that Obama alone must solve all of them — or at least, he must be perceived to be solving the problems.

More on the Vatican’s breaking wheel for women


The Vatican’s broken wheel

The men, it seems, are the ones whose souls end up being pelted with fire and brimstone, while the women’s souls are more likely to be broken on a wheel. -timesonline.co.uk

Link to article here.

I must admit that until I did some research, I wasn’t sure what broken on a wheel made reference to. Courtesy of Wikipedia and several other sites, now I do. If you really want to know how out of touch the Roman Catholic Church is on the matter of women, check this out:


How utterly delightful that the Vatican sees fit to condemn women to a special form of punishment.

The victim’s limbs were tied to the spokes and the wheel itself was slowly revolved. Through the openings between the spokes, the torturer usually hit the victim with an iron hammer that could easily break the victim’s bones. -Medieval Times & Castles

I wonder what devilish delights in hell await those priests and their masters who have seen fit to bugger little boys and then cover up the crimes?

Just more reasons for keeping the flock ignorant and uneducated, whether it be Roman Catholicism or Islam, or any other faith.

As always, the misogynist Vatican just never gets it

But then, what could anyone expect from a bunch of men who sit around all day with their robes pulled over their heads, trying to be relevant in the 21st century?

The men, it seems, are the ones whose souls end up being pelted with fire and brimstone, while the women’s souls are more likely to be broken on a wheel. -timesonline.co.uk

Broken on a wheel? WTF?

Even in death, the women don’t get the good stuff going on. Discrimination follows them down, down down through the burning ring of fire into the bowels of hell.*

Link here.

A little from Wikipedia on the breaking wheel.

*With apologies to June Carter and Merle Kilgore.

The horror… the horror…*

Michael Phelps is only human, but why some moron in control of a police department would even consider charging him with a crime because of a photo is beyond me. Jesus but some police departments are simply idiotic, being commanded by idiots, and populated by idiots.

Take this, for example: In south Carolina, Leon Lott used swat teams to arrest seven college students and charged them with partying with Phelps.

America is a place where you can destroy millions of lives as a Wall Street executive and still get invited for photo-ops at the White House; a land where the everyman icon – Joe Sixpack – is named for his love of shotgunning two quarts of beer at holiday gatherings; a “shining city on a hill” where presidential candidates’ previous abuse of alcohol and cocaine is portrayed as positive proof of grittiness and character. And yet, somehow, Phelps is the evildoer of the hour because he went to a party and took a hit off someone’s bong. -sfgate.com, David Sirota

Link to an editorial on fake outrage here.

*With apologies to Joseph Conrad.

I’m thinking that the drone will drone into oblivion

U.S. border protection official Michael Kostelnik said that in these “dangerous times,” it’s more important than ever for both countries to know who and what is crossing the border. (emphasis mine)

I think what he means is that it’s important for America to know who or what is crossing the American border. Canada stopped worrying about pot a long time ago. However, in America, pot remains a major reason why their jails and prisons are so over-crowded with youngsters, and their incarceration rate is at such a high — if you’ll pardon the intentional pun — compared to the rest of the known world.

Link here.

Dangerous times indeed.

The drones will not carry weapons, such as missiles or laser-guided bombs…

What? No weapons?

How completely un-American!

More border snoring here.

Battle of the Plains of Abraham never happened

Updated here, to reflect a visit from Prince Charles in November of 2009.

In 1759, British forces defeated a combined force of French and Canadian troops in a battle for supremacy on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec. The British won. The French Empire in North America went on a downward spiral into oblivion, much like the current prospects Quebec has for getting out of Canada — i.e., basically gone, forgotten and consequently will never happen.

That’s a fact, Jack. Err, Jacques.

Too bad, so sad. Get over it.

In 2009, the National Battlefields Commission wanted to re-enact the battle, thinking it would be a marvelous tourist draw, as the re-enactment had been in previous years.


No can do. C’est ne pas possible.

until Quebec becomes a sovereign state, any re-enactment of the battle would be disrespectful to francophones. -Patrick Bourgeois, leader of Le Reseau de Resistance du Quebecois

Yeah, right.

Link to article here.

Apparently, the froggies in Quebec don’t like admitting a battlefield defeat, even though it was a mere 250 years ago. So much for froggie history.

Here’s a thought: Get the fuck out of Canada and make up your own history, any way you like it made up.

Go on! Scoot! Go away. Get the hell out of here. Nobody wants you.

No? I didn’t think so. Chickenshits.

Then STFU and like it.