So as not to leave anyone out…

The blight on Canada’s free speech known as the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) can’t make up its mind what it does best — prosecute, or defend — bigots. If you can get by the online Calgary Herald’s fractured English and punctuation (can’t anyone write or edit any more?), you might get an earful about a Montreal Imam named Abou Hammad Sulaiman al-Hayiti, who declares almost anyone to be unequal to Muslims.


As a test, a Montrealer decided to take the CHRC to task by filing a complaint against the Imam. Needless to say, the Commission declined to hear the case. No surprise there.

So rules the Canadian Human Rights Commission:

“the majority of the references in ‘Islam’ are to ‘infidels’, ‘miscreants’ or ‘western women’. These are general, broad and diversified categories that do not constitute an ‘identifiable group’…

As we have also mentioned, the extracts that identify groups on the basis of prohibited grounds of discrimination (homosexuals, lesbians, Christians, Jews) do not seem to promote ‘hatred’ or ‘contempt’ according to the criteria…”

Oh, really?

Fire. Them. All.

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