Suck it up, buttercup

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An elementary school principal in New Brunswick has decided that O Canada (Canada’s national anthem, for those of you who don’t watch hockey) should not be played or participated in during class time.



My suggestion for elementary school principal Erik Millett, the failed Green Party candidate and late-to-the-party hippie, is to suck it up, buttercup. Set your children free by allowing them to sing the national anthem. Millett’s reasoning surely must be affected by his inability to comprehend what country he resides, given that some children attending the school have relatives that were killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Link to article here, here and a blog article here.

Rex Murphy takes a common-man look at the entire inclusive stupidity here.


The uninitiated among you should be made aware that Canada may be the only country in the world that will boo its own national anthem. This supposed travesty will occur any time an NHL team from Quebec travels to English Canada, particularly Alberta. The reason? The anthem is sung in French.

Yes, I know.

But it’s uniquely Canadian.


Update: On February 1, school superintendent Zoe Watson ordered that the daily singing of O Canada be reinstated. Mr. Millet was given a chance to reverse his policy voluntarily, but he refused any response to the request.

Now there’s a guy who isn’t the brightest lightbulb in the room.

I just can’t resist a final dig

Actual health experts on abstinence education all agree that teaching it is not effective. That doesn’t discourage the circus known as “abstinence education” in Ohio from participating.

It’s no wonder abstinence education doesn’t work when even a clown can’t get his costume right. Audience and purpose notwithstanding, any clown who came to my party without makeup would be shown the door post-haste.

Wasting away the family money

Are some people really dumber than a box of hammers?


John Rempel said he quit his truck driving job, lost friends, borrowed money and crossed the globe in pursuit of a non-existent inheritance… – Trevor Wilhelm, The Windsor Star

Here’s a link to for some novel ways of responding to these scams — but does anyone really care?

My previous post here.

As a motorcyclist, I am already invisible

on the road, thanks to cages and the people who drive them:

  • people reading books and newspapers;
  • crazies talking on cell phones;
  • more crazies doing online texting and email;
  • women putting on makeup;
  • men shaving;
  • hungry people eating; and, last but not least,
  • the stupidity of most automobile drivers.

And now, they’re going to install television?

Give me a fucking break!