A modern Christmas shepherd

As an aviator who once traveled to some of the world’s most remote places, I fortunately have never been in the dire straits of the protagonist in this Frederick Forsyth novella called The Shepherd.

Each year on Christmas Eve, The Shepherd is broadcast on CBC Radio, as recorded by the late, venerable Alan Maitland. It’s just over 31 minutes in length, and I recommend that it be listened to in the dark of night.

Link to CBC radio broadcast recording here.

In another life, a favorite Forsyth publication of mine was The Dogs of War, published in 1974. It appears dated now, but I believe it to be accurate in its description of mercenaries and their ways.

Now, today on Christmas Day, I am happy and content to be at home, safe from my previous lives and the adventures they contain, and somewhat comforted by the gentle memories of many of my former friends and comrades who must remain locked within their adventures forever. I still miss them all.

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