2 thoughts on “Don’t question anything to do with one God but God

  1. A fundamental problem with Islam is that by far, the vast majority of believers are illiterate, thus leading to problems of interpretation of the Koran by an “educated” few, and the concomitant blind following of those uneducated who will do their master’s bidding. Those who can read and write have the power, as always, over the poor and illiterate masses who merely submit to belief.

    By no means am I suggesting that all are “blind believers”, because I know that to be untrue; however, a religion that doesn’t allow questioning, study and dissection from within, or laughing at itself, has to be horribly dull – yet I know that is untrue also.

    Of course, if you want to keep the people “down on the farm”, be sure they stay uneducated, fill them full of religion and feed them your version of dogma.

    Then, go forth and multiply.

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