The $54 million pants? Not so much.

Judge Roy Bean lives

Updated Below

Judge Roy Bean, err, Judge Pearson, who sued his Korean dry cleaner for 54 million dollars over a pair of missing pants, finally got his ass handed to him when his suit (minus the pants) was recently thrown out in Washington District’s highest court.

In June of 2007, when Pearson lost his first lawsuit against the dry cleaning store, he also lost his job because “his lawsuit showed bad judgment and reflected poorly on the city.”

Amen to that, brother.

Link to article here.

Link to my initial post here.

Update: This guy has a real obsession going on. Just this month (January, 2009), he filed another petition, this time with the full nine-judge D.C. Court of Appeals, whining that the three-judge panel in the previous ruling didn’t didn’t address all of the issues in his appeal.

What a mockery of the court system – although there’s really nothing new in that.

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