It’s another coverup


But of course, what would you expect when the Mounties investigate themselves?

According to the RCMP whitewash, Robert Dziekanski

  • had a fear of flying, and
  • drank too much, and
  • had a stapler in his hand.

That’s why he died at the Vancouver airport in October, 2007 — at least according to a report released by the RCMP’s own investigative committee. The fact that he was tasered at least three FIVE times with 50,000 volts of electricity had nothing to do with his death.

Robert Dziekanski’s death was not directly caused by the Taser jolts by STEVE MERTL AND JAMES KELLER, THE CANADIAN PRESS

Yes, of course. It must be so. Canada’s most reputable police force says it is so. But then, what can one expect from big dumb oxen, otherwise known as RCMP officers, who investigate themselves? What a bunch of hypocrites. Cover your big fat dumb asses, boys.

And the Mounties wonder why no one has respect for them any longer.

Here’s a link to another post on how sensitive the Mounties can be when dealing with an 82-year-old criminal in a hospital bed. And another on Mr. Dziekanski.

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