Something rotten

Today’s ride took me south to Del Bonita and the Whiskey Gap region. To the north, it’s gently rolling plains, but the plateau finally arrives and it flattens out substantially. Here wheat is the main crop, but there are plenty of oil wells in the area too and the rotten egg smell permeates.

The Whiskey Gap was an old trade route with America, primarily used to provide alcohol to the natives in exchange for goods. During Prohibition, the Gap provided a route for Canadians to ship illegal alcohol into the United States.

Bronco busting

I almost didn’t see this sculpture, given its distance from the highway and its color that matched the background where it was placed. Having caught it out of the corner of my eye, but traveling too fast to stop, I instead pulled in on my way north.

The sculptor is Bob Scriver, and the sculpture is a version of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s official belt buckle. Helena’s Montana Historical Society has a bronze version.

Bronc rider

Bronc rider