Final destination

The SacklerAfter doing my duty, I was off to see the sights one more time. Let it be known that Washington, D.C. is a great place for walking and seeing those sights — and might I add that one’s most comfortable pair of walking shoes are a necessity! If you think you’re wearing them, think again, and bring an even more comfortable pair.

I was able to plan my route to pass by the Aviation & Space Museum, greatly air-conditioned and almost cool to the touch. In the heat of the day it proved to be a grand respite, complete with cafeteria for a noon-time pick-me-up. Nothing extravagant, mind you, but not bad, nevertheless. And did I say air conditioned?

Security was at a minimum and was mostly concerned with some street work in the vicinity of the Capitol Building. Of course, there was the usual Capitol Police presence in vehicles parked at intersections and bike patrols, but mostly it presented itself as being invisible — which is what it needs to do.

The Rotunda

I had a great time walking around mid-week in what I would consider prime vacation time and not being surrounded by huge crowds of tourists – which is what I was on this day. Even the tour buses were half-empty.

The VRE did a great job of getting me to and from Union Station, on time and without delay. I even enjoyed people-watching from a comfortable chair while awaiting my train back south.

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