U.S. 50, Grafton WV

Yesterday on the Ohio turnpike, I watched dumbfounded as an auto with a driver too stupid to slow down in the pouring rain, did 360s and hydroplaned into the ditch beside me. Dumbass.

U.S 50 east of Grafton, West Virginia, is a fantastic little narrow two-lane road with twists and turns and leafy canopy that covers the roadway and obscures the sky. Grades are seven to nine per cent. There are switchbacks and hairpins, with room for lots of floorboard-dragging. In places it widens out, but for the most part it remains narrow and twisty — just the thing after days of interstate riding.

U.S. 50 east of Grafton WV

Here’s what I mean

I’m holed up on the 50 in Romney at the Koolwink Motel. It’s a quaint little place, fully modern with a “retro” feel. It’s been around since 1936, and has been continuously upgraded ever since. It’s well kept up and has all the amenities, including wireless, microwave and fridge. Current owners have had it since 1955.

The Koolwink Motel on U.S. 50

The Koolwink Motel fits perfectly with U.S. 50 through West Virginia

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