Tourist trap

Back in the day – the 70s, actually – I visited the Wisconsin Dells for an interesting side trip to see the geology of the place. Obviously, even then, the town of the same name was around, catering in a slightly more primitive way back then to the summer tourists and their children out for a weekend or a day of fun in the sun.

It’s changed since then into a tourist trap of immense proportion. On a quick ride-through I discovered nothing – yet everything – was exactly the same, but in a bigger and more expensive way. The traffic is a horror story. The crowd has turned into an older caricature of itself, from young children to older teens and twenty-somethings hell bent on a party atmosphere. There’s plenty of dumb building-fronts to lure the young kids and their parents in, of course.

And of course there are the roller coasters, bigger and better. The same old woodies are there too, looking just a little sad and under-used. What a shame.

I bought gas and departed, post haste.

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