Places to eat – Twin Butte, Alberta

Twin Butte Country Restaurant — 10 miles north of Waterton Park, Alberta on The Cowboy Trail, otherwise known as Highway 6.

Twin Butte store sign

Twin Butte Country

Given the backwoods nature of the location, one would think that Mexican food would be the farthest thing from here, but that’s not the case at all.

This little gem is a complete surprise, believe me. It’s in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by field and stream and mountain. I first stopped in last week, and was so taken with the enchiladas that I had to come back and sample them again, just to be certain that it wasn’t a fluke.

Now I can spill the beans on this place: It has the best enchiladas north of Mexico — and that’s 1,500 miles away. You can order them plain or con pollo o con carne, and believe me, any way you choose is pretty fine. The photo below doesn’t do the enchiladas justice.

The salsa is no slouch either.

The place runs on Mexican time, so if you’re in a hurry, keep right on going.

The enchilada plate

The enchilada plate - plain

If you're a hot sauce fan this is the place for you

If you're a hot sauce fan this is the place for you

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