Canada, eh? No hand washing allowed

Yet another disgusting and ridiculous ruling by a human rights commission has been shat upon us, this time regarding the washing of hands in a restaurant.

It seems that if an employee is unable for whatever reason to wash one’s hands, such employee may still continue to serve and dispense food to customers. Notwithstanding the latest hospital directives for visitors and everyone else to wash their hands to prevent the spread of disease and pestilence, apparently in British Columbia, courtesy of the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, one is not required by law to wash their hands while serving food in a restaurant.

So then, apparently this hand-washing fetish that Lister so wisely promoted in the 19th century has become obsolete. Who could have known that a human rights commission and the fount of knowledge contained within its board members could prove so convincingly that hand-washing is not required to prevent the spread of disease?

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2 thoughts on “Canada, eh? No hand washing allowed

  1. I’ll take handwashing for a thousand, Alex.

    Good choice, contestant. Now riddle me this: If a human rights commission issues a verdict and nothing about it makes any sense given modern (19th century) medical practices, does that make the commission look foolish?

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