Writing down the bones

Has the Writers Guild of America strike really been going on this long – as in since November 5, 2007? Well, yes it has. And it looks like the studios are going to keep it going for a lot longer. If you’re interested in the issues, Wikipedia has an article here on it all. I commented earlier here on the matter.

If you’re interested in reading a series of blog essays on why writers write, you might like to head on over to Why We Write. Knowns and unknowns (as Dick Cheney likes to say) can be found there, courtesy of Charlie Craig and Thania St. John and their blog, explaining — or trying to explain — why, how, when, where and how often they write. It’s humorous, insightful, inspiring and full of b.s. too. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the various essays as much as I have done. In the words of the blog authors the site is

a series of essays by prominent – and not so prominent – TV and Film writers … the campaign hopes to inspire and inform all writers.

Most of all, I hope you will continue to support the WGA and their members in their quest for adequate compensation for their efforts.

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