Salem Sue lives!

I had completely forgotten about Salem Sue until once again I had her in my sights from miles away. Proudly she stands, near exit 127 on the 94, west of Bismark. Up close, the horrendous sight of her pendulous and swollen udder is enough to send one running, screaming, back down the hill. I was almost sorry I had stopped and climbed the only hill in the region for a closeup look at this giant fiberglass milk cow.

Just try and imagine the size of the cowpie that little beauty could produce.

I’ll leave it to you to examine the link. I just couldn’t bear to take a picture of a giant plastic cow, because basically, it reminded me of all of those cutsie cow salt and pepper shaker sets with cow creamers that I see in folksie cafes on at least every second bike trip.

Sometimes, it’s best to look away from the wreck on the side of the road.

One thought on “Salem Sue lives!

  1. euwwww, you’re right – that’s just an udder horror! veins & all on it eh? and there’s something in its eyes, it’s… alive… it’s coming for meeeeeeeeeeEEEE! *runs screeching off*

    ahem. well, in any case…

    how udderly perplexing that they thought building a $40,000 behemoth fibreglass dairy cow was just the ticket to “honor and advertise the dairymen of our area, their superior herds and the production of high quality milk.”


    thanks so much for providing fudder for my nightmares!

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