Circling the wagons

Montana badlands

East of Jordan, Montana 200 narrows but travels through mini-badlands for ten miles or so. The early-morning low angle of the sun forces the landscape to stand out in shadowy contrast to the blue sky. Eventually the ground flattens to grain and cattle country once more, and hawks climb high in their search for prey. Pheasants on the side and in the middle of the road like flying up into my path, and I tag a couple. Feathers predominate when I do.

At Circle, I stop for breakfast, but instead discover the Lunchbox, owned and operated by Billie for the past two years. Instead of the eggs I was planning on having, I had a chicken salad wrap and some broccoli soup – much healthier in the long run. Billie says that the place is popular with the locals, and I guess it must be, although Circle is little more than a bump in the road.

Eventually I’m on the boring 94 headed east to Fargo and making good time.

It’s another great riding day, with plenty of sunshine and blue sky.

3 thoughts on “Circling the wagons

  1. sounds good. I miss Montana :(. by the time you make it out this way again I will probably have left the area myself, or died. hmph. (all unrelated thoughts, haha)

    hope you have a good time at the wedding though :).

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