Roll up your windows

I’ve found another nice little app only 89kb in size, written in assembly language, that will roll up your window until only the title bar is visible. This goes along nicely with Nubs, which I discovered back in May.

Drag a window to one of the monitor sides and Nubs will reduce it to a tabbed sidebar item, keeping the tab, or ‘nub’, visible while working with a fully expanded window. Click on the nub, and the window reappears as you had it.

WinRoll, as stated, rolls the window up and out of the way, leaving the title bar where you’ve placed it. Right-click on the title bar — and voila! — the title bar of the window is the only visible item remaining. Do it again, and it reappears. It’s magic.

Freeware and Open Source.

Get it here: WinRoll

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