The Whiskey Gap

The Whiskey Gap

From 1916 and for the following eight years of Alberta’s prohibition, whiskey flowed through the gap in the Milk River range like water over a dam. Not to be outdone, during America’s prohibition, it flowed in the opposite direction. Now, all that remains is a historical plaque – that, and the fact that the Whiskey Gap still stands on the watershed between the Gulf of Mexico and Hudson Bay.

Where once a railway branch reached out, a store was built, elevators constructed, and to where wheat was hauled for shipping, nothing remains but a vast expanse of empty, wheat-growing prairie wilderness, punctuated by the occasional farm enterprise.

What buildings remained have been removed to Del Bonita, across the Milk River and 12 miles to the east, where a store and post office are in the same building and still serves the local area.

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