The trouble with Tribbles*

*With apologies to Star Trek

Updated here.

Judge Roy Bean lives!This pathetic excuse for a man – oops, err, I mean lawyer and judge – appears to be a steaming pile of the color of his own excrement.

Judge Roy Bean lives on in the annals of jurisprudence!

WASHINGTON – A judge who lost a $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner over a missing pair of pants continues to press his suit.

Roy Pearson, a District of Columbia administrative law judge, filed a notice of appeal Tuesday.

Jin Nam Chung and Soo Chung, the owners of Custom Cleaners, had hoped Pearson would back off the case after withdrawing their demand Monday that he pay their legal fees, their attorney said. — Associated Press via MSNBC

2 thoughts on “The trouble with Tribbles*

  1. I think we’ll find that the esteemed Judge Roy

    a) has a substance abuse problem and has finally gone into rehab;

    b) has a brain tumor and is bravely attempting to fight the good fight;

    c) is a complete freaking wacko;

    d) is committed — heh. or should be, so to speak — to all of the above.

    He’s been assigned to a desk, so I read, but even that leaves him with far too much time to ruminate on his insignificance.

  2. This lawsuit has been making me insane. It’s to the point where I would consider it harassment against the owners and absolutely not at all related to actual justice.

    The good news is that he’s probably going to lose his job over this and not be reappointed to the bench. Lord knows I wouldn’t want to have any kind of case come up in his court.

    I’d say the guy seriously needs a psych eval.

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