Ice cream parlors

Usually I’m making time to get to the ferry, but today I had time to kill. Thus:

Just another lake

More lake country

The pace is slower on the island:

From dawn to dusk

The swing bridge moves at its own pace from dawn to dusk

And because of that:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Animal, vegetable, or mineral, nothing holds me back

Delicacies come in many flavors on the road. I try to sample what comes my way, whether it be vegetable, animal or mineral.

The ferry ride from Manitoulin Island south to Tobermory is always uneventful, except for the characters that populate the ship. Of course, those vary from crossing to crossing. This time it was someone who was solving a Rubik’s cube in 45 seconds — every time.

About an hour south of the terminal and I had forgotten how convoluted the county highway system is in western Ontario — but no worries! I have been reminded.

For approximately two hours, as I discovered roads closed and detours listed, I wandered aimlessly — which in and of itself is not unusual. However, I did have a final destination in mind. Thanks to a woman who pulled up beside me while I was perusing my map, I finally found myself prodded in the appropriate direction.

Eventually, I got to where I needed to be, but not before putting on an extra hundred miles and fumbling around with a map that was almost impossible to use on county roads. Oh well.

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