Yesterday I stopped yet again for an overnight visit with a former colleague. He and his wife are camped out at a lake for the summer, so I was able to enjoy the mosquito ambiance of a northern Ontario summer. I’ve not experienced that for a long while. He does have all the comforts though. He’s not in a tent; he has running water; the roof doesn’t leak; the air conditioner works and the toilet flushes. Roughing it is a bitch.

So far, the weather has continued to be fantastic. It’s cooler today, but only because of some high cloud cover. I’ve not had any rain to date, but I think that will be coming tomorrow following my crossing on the Tobermory ferry. I’ve always liked that trip, especially when the sun is shining. On my odyssey last summer I rode into heavy summer rains after debarking. It didn’t last long and I dried out quickly, but it can be a pain on a two-lane highway.

Truthfully though, heavy rain can be a pain on any highway.

I should make my destination tomorrow also — not that that will be a good thing. My friend’s surgery is on Thursday, I believe. (As always while on a long distance ride I’ve been in a time warp, so I’ll need a day to adjust. That’s pretty typical for me. — losing track of time like that — when I’m riding.)

I’m looking forward to seeing my friend and his family, but not the reason for doing so.

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