Boxing George Foreman

I’ve got a south-facing balcony with a nice view, so I thought I might like to do some cooking out there too. You know how it goes: sit out, enjoy the view, might as well cook something, damn but I don’t want to go inside to cook…

George Foreman electric grillErgo, a George Foreman electric grill!

So, off I go in search of something that should be as common as a nail in a tire. Not so, apparently. After driving around aimlessly, I finally discover one at a linen store. A linen store? Well, all right, I do need some sheets.

Out with the credit card, home with the ‘q (and the sheets), and lo and behold, if I’m a midget, I could use the thing. One section of the stand is missing.

There’s no way I’m gonna hit the barbie on my hands and knees, so back to the store it goes — but first I have to get it all back in the box.

2 thoughts on “Boxing George Foreman

  1. The manual says that it needs a 20 amp circuit, but I discovered that it will work on a 15 amp circuit if nothing else is running on the same circuit for the time it’s plugged in and turned on.

    I did some chicken. Moist and supple. No mess, no fuss, no bother with the non-stick surface. It’s thermostat-controlled, too, and cycles on and off to control the temperature.

    It’s adequate for what I require.

    And yes, they had the stand waiting for me at the return counter. I have no idea how it got out of the box.

  2. Good luck getting that sucker back in the box. 🙂

    I have one of the little ones and they make the BEST toasted ham & cheese sandwiches.

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