Seamless WordPress 2.2.1 upgrade yet again

Once more, thanks to the Instant Upgrade plugin, version 0.2 from Zirona. I’ve used it for the last two upgrades, and it has worked quickly and flawlessly. Of course, I also do my daily backups of the database and program modules in the event of any kind of failure. Call me astute paranoid one more time.

The 2.2.1 upgrade provides some required security fixes as well as some bug fixes.

I’ve noticed that some are complaining about the recent frequency of upgrades, as well as the trashing of plugins by those same upgrades. To them, I say, why not try Instant Upgrade?

It won’t solve the plugin problem, but it certainly makes for a smooth, fast, trouble-free update: no searching for a site with the required files; no messing with manually moving files; no worrying about whether one has moved the correct files to the appropriate directories.

Thanks again, Zirona and Alex GΓΌnsche.

3 thoughts on “Seamless WordPress 2.2.1 upgrade yet again

  1. cool, thanks so much for all the detail Meds! yeah, I had read where you said you prefer not to be bothered with the fiddly stuff, so that’s one thing that made me think maybe WordPress is fairly handy that way (and I do love the non-fiddly stuff myself). I know I’ve seen WP in use at a lot of places & haven’t heard much about major probs & such, so it’s definitely something to consider. thanks for the link to the multi-user site too.

    as for b2evolution, I’ve installed it before & started to set it up, play around, etc., but then for some reason – which I can’t remember just now – I had to uninstall it. I just haven’t gotten back to any of this yet, but the day is coming where I will have to.


    I know nothing about it, but it is the WordPressMU (multiple user) software site. With it, one can install an unlimited number of blogs. I have absolutely no idea on how much fiddling one must do to accomplish that. You may not be aware, but at this stage in my life I prefer to do absolutely no software fiddling whatsoever, other than the occasional plugin.

    I moved to WordPress from Blogger after becoming frustrated with the delays and interminable rebuilding/reloading process. Rebuilding after a post is not required, unlike Blogger, which seems to need the time-consuming process after every post or modification.

    I use 18 to 20 plugins with my copy of WordPress, which is located on my own domain. There is a plugin available to perform almost any function imaginable or desired.

    The theme you see here is one of thousands available for free. I’ve tried a number of different themes, and I will change it again should I find another that I like. I have reluctantly tweaked each theme that I’ve used to reflect many of my own preferences. Although I could, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in writing my own theme.

    I have no problems with bandwidth, loading times, etc., although I would have to pay for excessive usage. I can highly recommend the basic account at, and in fact several anonymous webbies have taken my advice and subscribed to their services. I’ve used them for approximately 10 years now. Any loading time delays are a consequence of trackers and other non-WordPress routines that I use for security reasons.

    My blog database uses 15 tables so far. WordPressMU will use a database for each blog. There are a variety of plugins available for backing up one’s databases.

    I took a look at the b2evolution site. If you are more familiar with their software, then I would advise you to go ahead and use it. At quick glance it would appear to perform the same function. There appears to be a number of PHP/MySQL version choices for the b2evolution software. Be sure to get the correct download version that will be compatible with your host’s versions.

  3. I’ve actually been trying to decide on a good blog software & from what I’ve read here (and in seeing yours set up), I’m starting to consider WordPress. I’m being extremely lazy by asking you this instead of looking at the software info, but can one (easily) do unlimited blogs with WordPress (with one installation), or is it basically a one-blog per installation software? are there many feature options for an installation that can be turned on or not (out of the box as opposed to plugins), if and/or when one decides to use the feature(s)? I’m looking for a ‘community’ blogging sort of software and so far have figured the b2evolution software would be most efficient for our needs, and allow ‘pick&choose’ growth in features over time too.

    answer or not as you please, either way I’ll get around to looking at the WordPress documentation eventually :D. I find it very helpful to get user feedback though, especially from someone whose opinion & knowledge I’d respect, as I do yours. I’m definitely interested in any comments you have on WP usability & functionality, drawbacks & such though, as well as general commentary on extras that might be available for it (ie, if you’ve seen tons of plugins that’d be useful whether or not you actually have a use for them yourself, kind of thing). your blog loads beautifully; are there any issues with resources, bandwidth, queries (assuming it uses a database), etc?

    thanks, if you want to answer any of this for me; no worries if you don’t :).

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