Places to eat – Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Carol’s Diner, 914 Central Avenue North, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Take the Central Avenue exit.

A daily lunch special featuring home cooking. Or, try the Belgian waffles.

3 thoughts on “Places to eat – Swift Current, Saskatchewan

  1. that’s not at all surprising to me. I’ve worked for a number of restaurants with Greek management & cooks (long time ago now), and no matter the restaurant or the focus of the menu, the food has always been delicious. that would include the Sunshine Sandwich Shop (now slightly renamed somehow) on Broadway (Kits) in Vancouver, when the whole staff – aside from waitresses – was a Greek family. I think it’s still Greek owned & run, but I haven’t been there in recent years unfortunately. I’m hoping to remedy that next month (think I’m getting down to the coast), because they have *always* had the best Eggs Benny I’ve ever tasted. since I used to work there I’ve got their hollandaise recipe too :D.

  2. Strictly speaking, it’s not actually a diner as the sign indicates, it’s a small family restaurant. And yes, they have gravy, but since I didn’t have any, I can’t comment on its ‘goodness.’

    Most places I know use canned gravy, not the most scrumptious gravy to be had — which is why I ignore it. I don’t even ask if it’s homemade any more.

    The best homemade soup I ever had in Swift Current was at a Greek restaurant adjacent to the mall, believe it or not.

  3. do they make good gravy too? unfortunately I won’t be able to drop in there anytime soon, but I’ll try to remember your recommendation next time I’m out that way ;).

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