Ignorance is bliss

Someone, it would seem, has linked to a proposal by the Green Party of Canada to implement a further tax of $C 0.12 cent per liter on gasoline to help combat greenhouse gas emissions. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out to said moron that someone that the Green Party is not the governing party in Canada, nor is there a snowball’s chance in hell of that ever happening.

Notwithstanding the ignorance of the foregoing, and more to the point, here’s a fact for the remaining morons of the world — of which there are many in North America: Canada contributes approximately two per cent of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions. For a graphic example of how the elimination of Canadaâ’s supposed portion of greenhouse emissions will affect the rest of the world, read on:

Here, take a dollar. Yes, $ 1.00 — it’s free. Take it!

Just for fun, let’s make it an American dollar. (Canadians have lots of those. Just ask the largest real estate investor in Manhattan.)

Now then, take two cents ($ 0.02) of that dollar and go out and buy something. Let me know when you’re back with something in your pocket.

Right. I thought so.

Oh, and 20 years from now, I’ll still be waiting for you to get back and show me the results of your wonderful purchase.

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