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Ah plugins. Where would we be without them?

Clean Archives, from Geek With Laptop, cleaned up my archives page instantly. I didn’t have to make coding changes, other than to insert the appropriate link on one of my sidebars and the bottom menu. The plugin comes with a configuration menu as well. It will put a link on the topmost menu of your blog, if in fact you use a top menu. Obviously, the plugin can be prettied by means of modifying the .css file. Check it out at the top of my page.

From, I found a slick little email contact form as well. It too is very configurable. Take a look at mine, or go to Beast-Blog for the full monte.

One thought on “More on WordPress plugins

  1. Hey there. Thanks for the mention. Glad my plugin is working out for you and it looks great on your site.

    Not sure if you knew or not but I released a little newer version about an hour ago with more more nifty feature to show your archived pages as well.

    Thanks again for your support and kind words.

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