Plugin blues

After installing the http:BL WordPress Plugin and successfully walking stumbling through building a new table for it in my WP database, today I discovered this: http:BL Lite. No database table modifications are required, since data logging is not built in.

Here’s what the author says:

The primary difference between http:BL Lite and the original http:BL WordPress Plugin is that my version does not include the logging feature. I did not feel that it was necessary and preferred the simplicity of the plugin prior to logging being added. After stripping out all of the code pertaining to the logging feature, redesigning the plugin’s option page, and cleaning up various aspects of the code, I decided to release my rendition…

I jumped on that bandwagon immediately and removed the long-winded http:BL, and replaced it with the much cleaner http:BL Lite. I’ll keep my database table addition, just in case.

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