AcomData 509 3.5-inch USB2.0 hard drive enclosure – junk

Updated: Go here to read about my MadDog replacement enclosure. It finally failed also, but two years later.

And here’s what I used to replace the MadDog hard drive enclosure. I’m currently using a LanDisk GXT-MS348S.

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Go here to read the reports of others with AcomData problems at

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I have an 80-gig hard drive that I would like to use as a backup medium for my XP operating systems. I figured I could cut the drive in half and use it for both my laptop and desktop O/S backups. I spied an AcomData 509 aluminum hard drive enclosure with USB2.0 support, and since the price was right, I picked it up. According to the tiny manual that comes with it, it’s supposed to work out of the box with XP – which is obvious, considering XP supports USB2.0. After installing my backup drive in the AcomData, plugging the USB cable into my desktop and powering up – nothing, other than a spinning drive and a blue LED indicating power-on.

I removed the drive from the AcomData, installed it in my desktop, powered up, and the drive was good. Shut down again, remove it from my desktop, reinstall it in the AcomData case, plug in to the USB port and power it up. Nothing other than a blue power LED and a spinning drive.

I must have gotten a case with a bad motherboard in it.

After doing a couple of online searches, I discovered that the AcomData 509 drive case appears to be unusable. Not only that, but there is absolutely no support from the company, according to some online comments. Email requests for assistance and phone calls go unanswered, and calls are not returned.

AcomData hardware is manufactured by Dura Micro, Inc., in Pomona, California, although I suspect China may be closer to the mark. Apparently, and I quote, “Dura Micro is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of external, desktop hard drives.” Their “Vision and Mission” statement has a lot of nice whoop-dee-doo verbiage, but nowhere does it mention quality.

I clicked on their “Quality Management System” page, hoping to see something about striving to manufacture the most reliable equipment for the end-user, but I didn’t really see anything along those lines there, either.

Oops, wait just a minute! On their 509 Series HDD Enclosures page, they say “…the 509 projects solid quality and reliability.” It may project, boys and girls, but it doesn’t work out of the box. You might want to go back and reconsider some of those homilies you so eloquently “project” on your web site.

Tomorrow, the AcomData 509 3.5-inch USB2.0 hard drive enclosure will be returned from whence it came.

Thanks for nothing, Dura Micro and AcomData.

4 thoughts on “AcomData 509 3.5-inch USB2.0 hard drive enclosure – junk

  1. This is the worst enclosure i have ever bought. This piece of shit did nothing for my harddrive it displayed it as a CD rom drive and i couldnt even get my valuable info out of the harddrive because my motherboard for my pc died a couple days ago i am havin trouble getting my business info off my harddrive so F*** Acom what a waste of my time and money! There is no support on their website and no software for this enclosure A**holes. F*** dat $#!%

  2. Yeah, I’m having the exact same experience myself.

    It’s telling me it cannot find the device drivers and that there are problems. Device Manager says the drivers cannot be found with that lovely yellow question mark. Internet search for drivers fail. Website provides zero support.

    Looks like I’m going to have to return this tommorrow.

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