Transition complete!

I’ve finally finished moving over to WordPress 2.1. The biggest problem was attempting to discover the many routines and stylesheets and how they affect the screen display. Additionally, I wanted to personalize the page and make it mine. That was frustrating too, until I finally searched the net for the appropriate information. It’s out there, one just has to find it.

In the long run, I think this will be a much better platform for posting. It appears to be more straightforward, has better backup facilities, and is easier to host on my own site. There is much more control afforded to the geek in me.

Now all I have to do is learn the software, and by ‘learn the software’ I mean learn how to customize the page displays and make it mine.

4 thoughts on “Transition complete!

  1. It just decided to start working for me, too – guess it just takes a while for it to ‘wake up’ – no buttons for me either, but hey, it’s working.

    Thanks for the kind words – I *do* have a lot of fun with it. I’ve found the best way to keep my head from exploding is to just sit down and type like a madwoman. 🙂

  2. Your site looks great. It’s clean and neat and uncluttered. I like that.

    I gave up waiting for a response at the FP site, and lo, the plugin started working just fine, sans buttons, a couple of hours after I installed it. I had selected ‘automatically include’ and ‘Insert FingerPrint at the end of every post’ from the Manage/DF menu and it finally started working without me. *shrug* Oh well. I still don’t have a DF button on the Write page, but I’m happy that it has automatically applied my fingerprint automatically to all of my posts in the feed. I had visions of inserting it manually in each.

    I just checked you feed and I see that your fingerprint has not yet been inserted. Have you turned on automatic insertion? If it behaves as mine did, perhaps the fingerprint will appear several hours later. I have no idea why.

    I’ve used a simple two-word fingerprint that’s unique so far. I think keeping it simple is the way to go.

    You have a substantial blog and it appears that you have fun with it. I, on the other hand, struggle to put words in place, but I don’t mind. I’m just attempting to kill some time until spring. I’ve recently turned north from southern California and I’m experiencing my first winter in six years. Thankfully, it is a mild one.

  3. Apparently this was the week for moving to WordPress. I noticed that you posted over at Digital Fingerprint – was there anything in particular you did to get the plug-in to start working? I’ve got everything (supposedly) installed and all the options set and yet…no icons, nor automatic insertion of the fingerprint code.

    Congrats on the migration – looks great.

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