Merry Christmas

Ah the joy of yet another Christmas Day without snow. Yes, ’tis true! I can look out my window and see no snow one more time in my happy life, for the chinook rules in this part of the world. Of course, the temperatures aren’t southern California, but I could care less about that. Truthfully, even the temps aren’t that bad now that I’ve been here a while.

There’ll be no bike ride though. I’ve committed myself to that. But, April is just around the corner, so to speak, and I’ll be exploring new ground come next year. The riding in this neck of the woods is all new to me, and while I have passed through at various times in my life, I’ve never stopped to smell the roses.
wild rose
For my loyal subscribers (I think they total three in number), I’ll be adding some pictures to this thing over the next week or so. You might want to turn off your feeds or you’ll be continually annoyed as I update ad nauseum.

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