6,254 miles

After a 529 mile day I am back to the apartment I rented six weeks ago. It’s empty for now, but an old air mattress and a sleeping bag are all I need to get comfortable after all of these weeks on the road. I’ll be spending the next months filling it with the furniture I need to call it home.

This trip has been good for me. After 6,254 miles on the bike I’ve cleared out most if not all of the cobwebs picked up over the past six years or more. I’ve ridden over thousands of miles of new road and met a whole bunch of new people, all the while with the sun shining and blue sky overlooking my back. I’ve seen the full moon through the clouds at night and once again witnessed moose and deer and ducks and geese in the Canadian wilderness. You can’t beat all that.

My riding for the rest of the year will now be tempered with the need for getting comfortable in my new place. I have quite a few “things” stored in a friend’s garage which I’ll be slowly moving to my new place. In addition, I have a storage unit here which will start getting empty shortly. I’ll need a winter storage spot for the bike, and that will do nicely.

Tomorrow I’ll change the oil and filter on the bike, and from there I’ll take it one day at a time.

It’s good to be home again!

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