Field of dreamsA gorgeous city in the summer turns into a nightmare in winter. It can go to -40F here in January for three weeks. A blizzard can and does shut town the city for three or four days, three times each winter. With the wind the snow can pile up in drifts up to a garage roof if your home happens to face in the wrong direction. It’s horrible. Ask me how I know!

Esplanade Riel

Esplanade Riel

Spring is no bonus, for the Red River can flood it’s banks and make a mess too. Oh, and don’t forget about the mosquitoes that make it quite unpleasant to go outside in the mornings and evenings. West Nile Virus never had such a pleasing home.

A growing native population from northern reserves has helped to contribute to burgeoning crime, street gangs, and high unemployment.

Ask a resident and he’ll tell you that it’s the best place in the world, but remember, he probably grew up on a farm and couldn’t wait to get out of the farmhouse and away to someplace else.

It’s just a good place to be from, and I’m happy I no longer live here.

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