14,000 miles and running strong

I plan on making Lansing, Michigan tonight.

Early out is the game for today. I headed north on the 270 to make time. This is a nice treed route, and although it’s an interstate, it’s a great ride. There are plenty of pullouts to take breaks and view the surrounding land, and one can still make good time. Another day and I’d trace the Potomac for a leisurely ride. It’s only a few miles away.

It’s a good morning for riding. The sun is at my back and highlights everything in front of me with that early-morning glow. With the sun low in the sky like this, the humidity hasn’t started yet but I know it will. Thankfully I’ll be long gone by then and into the shadow of the Great Lakes.

I’m in the groove now, and since there’s plenty of pullouts for gas, I can make good time on my way west. These roads are fantastic – obviously being close to D.C. they get all the money. Too bad some of that cash can’t be spent around Detroit, but that’s just the way it happens here and in every other part of North America.

Around noon I hit the Ohio border and stop for a long break. I’ve made good time and I think I’ll slow down during the heat of the day and take it easy for a while. Plenty of breaks for rest and water to keep refreshed and I’ll be home-free tonight when I hit the sack in Lansing.

Tomorrow I’ll change the oil and filter on my new engine, which isn’t so new now that it has 14,000 miles on it since installation in December of 2005.

Damn but I love riding!

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