Sandusky and the Tea House of the Dancing Lady

I encountered a lot of rain yesterday, and it came down in great huge waves. Well, okay, maybe not waves, but it sure felt like it for a while. Rain. One of the joys of motorcycling. It either rains, or it pours. Yesterday it poured.

Tea House

Tea House of the Dancing Lady

Then I hit Detroit and the weather miraculously cleared, and I rode with the rising full moon all the way into Sandusky. The 94 around Detroit is a horrible road, with great huge cracks that allow one side to rise up to destroy tires, rims and shocks. I’m surprised that the residents put up with that kind of a bump on an interstate, where the speed is fast. In no time tires and shocks would be a mess.

I caught the 280 south through Toledo and pulled off at a Ho’s (Tim Horton’s coffee and donut shop) for soup and a sandwich in Oregon on U.S. 2. The girl who waited on me gave me the typical local’s lament: there’s not much in Oregon. Little does she yet know that there’s not much anywhere until you make a life of your own.

Liberty BelleI’m here in Sandusky to ride roller coasters at Cedar Point with some friends I met on the internet. I’m looking forward to meeting all of them. Eighteen are supposed to show up, a large enough group that we won’t tire of one another for the short span of two days that we’ll be here.

In the meantime, I’ve checked out the local peeler bar, the Tea House of the Dancing Lady: no cycles allowed. And a very good Thai restaurant in a small strip mall on Perkins. There’s a deli about a hundred feet past the motel that looks interesting also.

I’ll know more tomorrow.

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