Hotel California

I finally tired of the tourist nonsense and packed up to ride north. There’s fuel on the way out if you choose, or you can ride approximately 30 miles to Todos Santos and fuel there. The M19 runs north along the Pacific coast and it can be a little cool first thing in the morning. After my early departure I decided to stop for breakfast at Todos.

The "other" Hotel California, across the street

The Hotel California is decidedly a bad place to do that. The service was horrible and the meal only so-so. When I finally got my “toast” it wasn’t even brown, but it was nice and hard. I wondered if it was yesterday’s bread leftovers.

There’s a legend floating around that the Hotel California is one and the same as sung about in the song. This isn’t true in the slightest and has in fact been denied by the band.

Across the street from ‘that’ Hotel California, the former owner of the original Hotel California has a very nice place to eat, with a streetside patio. I wish I had gone in there, but I had to sample the ambiance of the old Hotel. A mistake, to be sure, for one can still wander around the old hotel and not eat. Take my advice, and if you must, eat across the street.

I checked out a small market just up the street, but found nothing remarkable. Just more of the same. Todos Santos is just another tourist town albeit on a much smaller scale than Cabo.

Back in the saddle again and I was headed for Loreto one more time. At the west end of La Paz there’s plenty of fuel all the way to the airport cutoff, so don’t be worried about turning off the highway and going into La Paz.

The ride north was uneventful.

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