A Christmas ride

Santa passed me by so I took off for a ride down the hill to warmer temperatures, blue sky and sunshine. With only 1,100 miles on the new engine I want to hit the asphalt as much as I can between now and when I head down the Baja early next year. I’d rather discover the problems before I’m on the road down there. The isolation and lack of communications doesn’t bode well for getting a lift to civilization or for ordering parts.

This is the second Christmas that I’ve spent out riding. I did the same thing last year. It’s such a welcome change from being up north in the cold and snow. I enjoy it down here so much because of the weather alone.

No matter what comes next in life, I’ll always have fantastic memories of the great riding, the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. Even the hypocrites and the losers I know take on a new look in such weather. I can just smile at them all and venture on down the road while they remain where they are, trapped in their petty little lives trying to live a lie.

The riding is good. The weather is good. Life is good.

This man doesn’t need more than that.

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