I’ve been stopped for too long now.

It shows, doesn’t it? I’ve settled in. Bought furniture. (I know, I said I’d never do that again.) I’ve done yard work and repaired the sprinkler system. I planted flowers and fed the fish in the pond. I paid the bills by doing computer networking and some web site work. How mundane. Boring too.

I even asked my muse if she wanted to move in with me. She’s an amazing, wonderful woman with long, thick, dark-blonde hair, a fabulous body and a fantastic personality. She turned me down.

It’s time once again to be moving on.

It’s been a great five years. I’ve met new people and made new friends. I’ve seen new sights and grown five years older in the process. I’d still like to stay here forever but I know that wouldn’t work now.

So off I go.

I will miss you, mon amour.

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