Land of fruits and nuts


Where can you find all of the following:

  • the Golden Gate Bridge;
  • Universal Studios;
  • Santa Monica pier;
  • breaking waves;
  • the Santa Fe Depot train station;
  • the scent of pine trees, orange blossoms and ocean surf;
  • an aircraft carrier in San Diego Bay;
  • white-water rafting;
  • farmland, and farmers markets;
  • insects.

No, that wasn’t a test.

Once again, where can you find the following:

  • the Golden Gate Bridge, without the traffic;
  • Universal Studios, without the actors;
  • Santa Monica pier, sans bubble-man;
  • breaking waves, without the smell;
  • the Santa Fe Depot, without the trains;
  • the scent of pine trees, orange blossoms and ocean surf, without insects and sand;
  • an aircraft carrier aground;
  • white-water rafting without the hazards;
  • farmland with no minimum-wage illegal workers slaving under the hot sun.

Imagine a perfect world. Imagine never having to leave the city. Imagine no long, summer vacation traffic-jams with a car full of kids. Imagine all that, and you have dreamland, Disney’s CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE, a dreamland so magnificent that you never have to leave the city to experience it.

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