I am moving one more time.

It snowed here on Saturday. A foot. Or several inches, perhaps. Who cares? I have been spoiled by the southern California weather, countless times, and each time I leave that feast I am anxious to return and experience the weather once again. And the people.

The riding isn’t bad either.

The snow hastened my decision. That, and on Sunday I helped a friend change her burned-out Christmas lights she has hung on the eaves of her house. It was cold, minus 5 Fahrenheit, and windy up on that ladder. My fingers practically froze. My nose ran.

It goes without saying that the light bulbs wouldn’t get changed during summer.

How I have put up with this weather for so long is beyond me.

But not any more.

I look forward to apple pie in Julian, scones in Idyllwild, Hadley’s date shakes, blue sky, sunshine, warm nights and endless miles of yellow line atop black asphalt. The Sea of Cortez, the park south of JT, Death Valley, Las Vegas even — all are within striking distance.

Already I am counting the miles.

Whether the move will be temporary or permanent I have yet to decide.

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