Call of the road

February 2000

I can hear the open road calling my name. I can feel the wind in my face every day. Already I can see the people I’ll be meeting, taste the food I’ll be eating. And in my mind the road just keeps on calling, one long mile at a time.

It’s been a long haul up to now, but it’s finally over. It’s time to lighten the load, and move on. I own too many ‘things’. I’m fed up with a job that presents no real challenges. My thinking has become stale and I’ve become jaded. I’ve been in one place for the longest time ever in my life, and I’m not used to that.

Consequently, I’m selling most of what I own, and going on the road, permanently. First stop: anywhere but here. It won’t happen right away, of course. I must rid myself of the things that have been collected over these past years, as well as one of the containers that holds it all. Some will go into storage, to be sure. After all, treasures collected over a lifetime cannot be dismissed just for the dollar.

Once my affairs are in order, I’m gone! I have no plan, other than to get the rubber on the road and to live life as I have not done so these many years.

As I wind my way up and down the highways and byways of North America I know that I’ll be having many new adventures. There will be people to meet, places to see and women to love. There’ll be towns I want to stay in, and towns I want to leave. There’ll be good food, bad food, and waitresses to flirt with.

I can’t wait!

To all the women I have known in my present incarnation: thanks for the wonderful memories. I’ll not forget any of you.

To all my cyber acquaintances, this is so long. Good bye. It’s been great to know you.

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