CBC Radio One and Two new internet stream URLs

The CBC in its infinite wisdom has seen to changing their stream URL addresses as of August 25, 2016. Since I listen using a Logitech Squeezebox and a Grace Digital Primo, I was fortunate to find this page, where anyone who cares can add a CBC Radio stream from the interwebs:


With the Primo, log in and go to the My Streams page. Add the stream(s) of your choice. Unplug the radio for a reset, plug it back in, and your stream will be located in My Stuff / My Streams.

I’m currently in discussions with Grace Digital/ECOXGEAR about adding the streams. It appears they may be geographically restricted, as in, if you don’t have a Canadian IP, you’re out of luck. If that’s the case, you might try TunnelBear, a free vpn.

The Logitech Squeezebox appears to have already installed the new streams.


Those stupid sons of bitches at Cyberchimps borked my theme earlier today. Screw ’em. I’ve dumped their useless product and gone back to the free WP Twenty Eleven theme. The site is back up as of 1800 local.

Thanks for your shit, fellas.

Oh, and from what I’m reading, I’m not the only one. Jesus but can’t anyone do anything right any more? It’s almost like the ’90s with software: Real Soon Now. Or DIY Themes and their useless shit.


And there you have it. Cyberchimps iribbonpro2 gone. Free WP Twenty Eleven installed. If you’re looking for some customization for 2011, try¬†7 Tips to Customize WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme. A simple plugin will solve most of it.

Think you’re a writer?

“Let me introduce you to one of them. His name was Frank Gruber. He was a successful pulp writer, then came out to Hollywood to write for the studios. In the 1950s he hit it big as a TV writer for Westerns. In1967 Gruber published The Pulp Jungle, a memoir of his time trying to break into that market. He moved to New York in July of 1934 with a plan to get published within six months.” – James Scott Bell, So your self-published novel is just sitting there

SanDisk USB drives – don’t buy them

No matter how cheap they are. They’re garbage. I have several USB 3.0 SanDisk products that stopped working four weeks after I purchased them. Fortunately, for me, I have multiple backups, so there wasn’t a problem. Those of you that keep only a single backup, and back up on a SanDisk platform, are in for a surprise one day.

Don’t buy SanDisk USB 3.0 products, no matter how cheap they are. Those useless sons of bitches at SanDisk can’t make a good, safe, useable product to save their sons of bitching lives.

About taking it back for a replacement – why would anyone replace a broken, unusable, useless, garbage SanDisk USB 3.0 product with another one that will fail exactly the same way the original product did?

In my opinion, the useless sons of bitches that manage, operate, and run SanDisk are on a par with the useless sons of bitches that manufacture Logitech mouse software.

Hardcore Henry


Blood – check

Guts – check

Gore – check

Whorehouse – check

Naked whores – check

Wholesome romance – check

Uncanny resemblance to early 90s DOOM and others – check

Interminably long, boring, unending body count at the end of it all – check.